To make the management of hundreds of TV premiers computer-based,
transparent and controllable for several countries.



Usually the premiers at international TV channels are moved and organized manually by people in a room, moving the cards of the titles
on the wall between the months. The movement of the cards is also manually documented in a transaction log. Error management and
title selection is entirely left to the expertise of the colleagues.

Factory Creative Studio understood that the above mentioned method is not suitable and effective for a large sized company.


The previous manually orgazined premiers now have on Java architecture-base with a user-friendly drag & drop Adobe AIR surface
on multiple screens. To get all the program information, we made a connection between the WebLogic Server Application and an
iBroadcast database.

The changing of the datas now can be followed easily with the data change notification feature we have built in the software (based on
the Oracle Data Change Notification Technology). There's a push and remoting communication between the Java application server
and the Flex client.

Our latest development contains a function optimalization to make the render-time faster and some feature improvements.



The previous manual solution was entirely re-created electronically with added functionalities such as big display area, management
of goal numbers (number of movies) per month as a package, direct access to title information through the database – IMDB, sidebar
management, search, management of multiple channels and transaction logging.